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PROW – KM43 KM42 2022 Order Documents

PROW (Public Rights of Way)

Please note the following PROW notices regards footpaths KM43 and KM42 East Farleigh.

Any comments made will not be monitored by KCC (and as such are not considered) and any objections must come through the formal channels in writing (or email) as highlighted on the notice.


Please click on the following link:

KM43 KM42 2022 Order Documents

One thought on “PROW – KM43 KM42 2022 Order Documents

  1. 1. Pl ignore / delete my earlier Reply today.

    2. I have reviewed the PROW KM43 KM43 2022 Order in detail and have no comments to make. It appears to be a useful change, and no doubt the KCC will arrange suitable signposting and the erection of suitable gates / stiles where necessary, including allowing disabled persons access wherever practicable.
    Sent by Alan Simpson, ME15 0JH, on 1 August 2022.

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