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2 thoughts on “The Grapevine issue August 2022

  1. Hello,
    As a quick introduction, my name is Tony Marshall and I have volunteered to take over running the stalls for this year’s Yalding Yuletide Market. I would like to raise awareness for our not-for-profit event and also reach out to potential stall holders if possible. I wondered if you would be willing to run a small advert for Est Farleigh residents, or point me in the right direct for a local newsletter if this isn’t appropriate?
    Any information / assistance would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance

    Tony Marshall – Yalding Yuletide Committee

    1. Dear Tony Marshall
      The local newsletter for East Farleigh is The Grapevine and the contact is the Editor, Beckii Richford,
      kind regards
      Desiree Home
      Clerk to EFPC

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