Chairman’s Report 2020

Chairman's Reports Uploaded on January 20, 2021

March 2020

Dear Resident,


The Pump House, Riverside Park, East Farleigh, Maidstone ME16 9ND T: 07999 414712 E:


This was to be the last newsletter as I finish my term of office in May. However, all elections and annual meetings have been cancelled until April/May 2021, so we all remain in post until then. If I recollect correctly having lived in the parish for nearly 30 years, I have spent 13 of them as a parish councillor and several of the 13 as Chairperson.


Should you require help during this difficult time you can contact Roseanna from the Montessori School who is heading up our village scheme. Her number is 07785038272. Or Hannah 07968202909. Should it be urgent and, you get no reply you can contact me on 07768352414 or the clerk on 07999414712

When I first joined the Council, Parish plans were the vogue and I headed up the East Farleigh plan and with the help of many of you and after a full consultation of the community the plan was adopted in 2009.

I have used this as my guide to the Parish Council of what you all wanted for our village. The old adage of ‘you can’t please all the people all the time’ comes to mind but I think we have pleased some of the people some of the time. Most of the items recognised in the plan have been achieved.

At the time of joining the Parish Council there was a very active Group, FLAG pursuing the desire to have a footpath in Forge Lane. This was achieved after much hard work fundraising and organising the annual Fete. Once the footpath was achieved the group were persuaded to continue managing the fete and contribute to other financial needs of the village. This not only helps the village but creates a superb community event on Fete day. The group has gone on to provide, with the help of a local Christmas tree grower what has become the well-attended lighting of the Christmas tree gathering in early December. They have also helped with the aid of Peter Callway to honour those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the two World Wars when we read out the names on the memorial on Remembrance Sunday.

I look back with pride at other achievements my team of Parish Councillors have established. The recent book of EF History; the sign depicting our historic bridge; we purchased the land and built the village car park; improved bridge signage to discourage large vehicles and safer access; traffic calming was introduced through the main part of the village and we purchased movable speed indicator signs for 7 sites around the village; 30 MPH speed limits in Dean street were

introduced and the West Farleigh end of Lower Road, then reducing to 40 MPH on Lower Road as it heads for Tovil.

Cont’d/over …

As I drive around, I am reminded of our village gateways we had installed to depict entry to East Farleigh. They need of a coat of paint and perhaps maintaining those as we do the village signs will be a priority of the new council this summer.

One of the biggest achievements has been the commitment to employ a contractor to keep our village tidy. This is an expensive item on our budget and difficult to manage but we currently remain committed to keeping East Farleigh free of debris and litter. I know many residents pick up litter all the time and we really appreciate that, but we must be mindful of keeping safe on lanes with no footpaths.

Much of the work of your Councillors goes unseen as we beaver away with our delegated responsibilities. This can be as Trustees of the allotment association or the recreation field, monthly inspections of the car park and play area. Speed Watch takes place as often as possible but so needs more volunteers. Just staying within the rules and regulations of Local Council is a permanent challenge.

In the last 12 months we have had a change of Clerk and thanks to Sarah as an outgoing clerk and her dedication to help Desiree settle in the changeover has gone very smoothly. Councillors have also given support.

We have spent a lot of time this year trying to improve our methods of communication with you and together with the web site you can now keep up to date with council activities on Facebook.

Call for Sites; We recently sent in our professionally prepared response to the call for land and look forward to the knowing outcome when MBC finish their deliberations.

You may have noticed the recently replace drinking bowl on the horse trough by the Bull. This was stolen 3/4 years ago following one of its accidents. It has been long awaited and thanks to Gary from the Church Hall for finding an alternative source for supply.

Some Councillors are standing down and others will continue with hopefully some new faces and fresh ideas. I thank them all for their support and wish the council well in their deliberations. From the list of achievements, you can see what can be done when dedicated people work together.

I want to thank Desiree for settling into a very challenging role with much enthusiasm and dedication and a special thanks to the Vice Chair Peter Beasley

Much of what we have achieved would not have been possible without our County Councillors support.

Paulina is not always able to attend meetings, but she has always given help when required. I would also pay tribute to Borough Councillors for all they do.
Keep safe everyone while we await better times.

Glyn Charlton