March 2023 Monthly Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes Uploaded on April 5, 2023


The Pump House Riverside Park, East Farleigh,

Maidstone ME16 9ND

T: 07999 414712



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 7th March 2023 @ 7.00pm

In The Old School Hall, Lower Road, East Farleigh


Present:                  Cllrs Steve Shearman (SS) (Vice-Chair), Adam Palmer (AP), David Hussein (DH), Deborah Abbott (DA), Pauline Tranter (PT)

In attendance: Desiree Home (Clerk), Nina Henley (New Clerk/RFO).  No members of the public or press.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllrs Alex Fullwood (AF), Gina Ashcroft (GA) Paul Billanie (PB). Apologies were accepted for the given reasons.

The Clerk was recording the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.


                    Cllr SS declared an interest in East Farleigh Pre-School and Trustee of EF Recreation Ground.

Cllr AF reported being lobbied by a member of the public about 2 HGV’s on Dean Street.  These were reported on Country Eye.


                    No matters required this.


                    190.1      The Minutes of the Meeting were APPROVED as a true and accurate record.

                    190.2      Matters arising from the minutes not otherwise covered in the agenda:  None.


                    Agenda approved and catering for 20 people with the same caterer as previous year approved. 

  1. PLANNING; Note – Councillors and members of the public can view all Planning matters on the MBC Planning Portal

192.1      To consider any notified Planning Applications since the last meeting;

  • 23/500424/FULL Grey Walls Forge Lane – Erection of single storey side/rear extension – time extension to comment granted. Councillors considered this application, there were no objections and recommend approval.

192.2       To receive notifications of any planning decisions made by MBC since the last meeting:

  • 22/502358/SUB Horseshoes Riding School – Approved
  • 22/505726/TPOA 1 Priory House – consent granted.
    • To note any information reported to/received from MBC on planning enforcement issues:

192.4       Any other planning matters, including late planning applications:  

  • MBC Gypsy, Traveller & Travelling Show people DPD Reg 18 Consultation deferred until next meeting.

Action:  ALL


                    193.1      To report on any events (ON-LINE seminars etc.) attended on behalf of the Council, including                                                       the Clerk:  

Pi Co Play Area Inspection Course was well received by those who attended.  Cllrs AF, AP, PB and Car Park Maintenance person, Lee Owen, all completed the course and passed the final exam.

                    193.2      To raise matters reported to them by parishioners:  

  • The fly tipping matter on private land in St. Helen’s Lane was deemed to be a private matter.


193.3      Any other IMPORTANT/URGENT matters Councillors wish to raise NOT otherwise covered in                                                      the agenda;

  • The Bull Inn – This building has been recognized as a village asset and the Right to Bid if sold.
  • New Venue for EFPC meetings: It was unanimously agreed to accept the conditions of hire for the East Farleigh Primary School Hall at a rate of £15 ph.  All meetings will start at 6.30pm from May 2023 in the new venue.
  • It was unanimously approved that Ms Nina Henley be appointed as the new Clerk/RFO. The contract was duly signed by all parties.

194.1      To ratify payments made since the last meeting:

  • Direct Debit BC&E People’s Pension £  24
  • Direct Debit Lloyd (EFPC Multipay Card)                     £    07
  • SO Clerks salary December 2022                     £  00
  • SO L Owen (car park attendant) salary December 2022                     £  20
  • Defib Warehouse (First Rescue Training Supplies) £  60
  • 07032318 KALC Training Cllr DA Planning Conference £    00

194.2      The following BACS transfer payments are to be authorised on Unity Trust Internet Banking

                                         by 2 signatories following the meeting:  (Cllrs SS & AP).

07032301                   L Owen Time Sheet December 2022                                                           £   341.50

07032302                   Clerk’s Time Sheet & Expenses December 2022                                 £   358.56

07032303                   AcuIT – monthly maintenance & back-up                                              £      80.71                                                                    07032304                   Pearsons monthly invoice                                                                                £1,830.36

07032305                   Play Inspections Co. Play Area insp. Course (split between

other local parishes who attended).                                                          £1,980.00

07032306                   Cllr DH – reimbursement Flood Pod padlock                                       £      21.99

Late Invoice;          07032317                   KCC 2 x Traffic Surveys                                                                                        £    190.00

194.3      Financial Statements

Financial Statements for the period up to 27th February 2023 were received which represent the state of play at the end of PAYE week 47, 2022/2023

194.4       Any Other Financial Matters:

  • MBC precept notification of acceptance received.
  • Landscape Services annual quote 2023/24 – approved.
  • Complete Weed Control (Car Park) quote 2023/24 – Cllr DH agreed to obtain other quotes. Cllr SS agreed to ask Landscape Services for a quote. Defer until next meeting.

Action:  Cllrs DH/SS

  • The new Clerk’s salary/2023-2024 budget revision was approved.
  • S137 Annual Charity Donations were approved.

Farleigh’s WI                                                   £100

First East Farleigh Brownies                £100

Kent Air Ambulance                                   £100

Porchlight                                                        £100

East Farleigh Pre-School                        £100

West Farleigh Youth FC                           £100

Dandelion Time                                            £100

Heart of Kent Hospice                              £100

Kenward Trust                                              £  50

Blackthorn Trust                                         £  50

To consider/approve request from “Evergreens” – £50 approved with one abstention.

It was agreed to invite all recipients to the APM on Tuesday 28th March 2023.

  1. DEFIBRILLATORS: Cllr DH reported that new batteries/pads had been installed and are now valid for the next 3yrs.
  2. TRAINING; Cllr DA is attending the KALC Planning Conference. If other Cllrs wish to attend, please contact the Clerk.




  1. FLOOD PLAN (Flood Pod):
  • Cllr DH reported that the lock had seized but now rectified.
  • The Clerk reported that the Flood Plan had been updated.

198.1       Car Park

  • Weekly Health & Safety on-line reports noted.
  • Gate lock to be replaced

Action:  Cllr SS

  • It was agreed that another load of aggregate is to be ordered – 10 tonnes from Gallagher Aggregates as previous orders.

Action: Clerk

                                        198.2      Recreation Ground:

  • Weekly Health & Safety on-line reports received.
  • New Trees; It was noted that some of the newly planted trees and been pulled up. Cllr AF confirmed that those laying on the ground had been replanted.  The Primary School are aware.  The clerk is to chase James Clow regards fencing.  It was further agreed that mowing should be left until the trees are more established – possibly September 2023.

                    Action:  Clerk

  • Football Pitch: Stuart Gilbert, Secretary to WF Youth FC has confirmed he will investigate funding from the Football Federation for new goal posts – defer until next meeting.

198.3       Play Area:

  • Weekly Health & Safety reports received – it was noted there is still a hole on the Rec Grnd which needs attention – report back at next meeting.
  • It was unanimously agreed to hold an Extraordinary Meeting to separately to fully discuss the Play Area Refurbishment and approval.

                    198.4      Other Matters: None.

  • Monthly worksheets and checks were received.
  • Cllr SS is to produce a form for GC to complete.

Action:  Cllr SS

  • It was approved at the request of Pearsons to move the weekly village maintenance/litter picking from Thursdays to Mondays.

200.1      Highways Working Group (HWG):

  • The monthly HWG report was received which included; Dean Street date capture, Lower Road speed cameras not viable and a “Road Narrows” sign required on Lower Road. The HWG will take these forward to the next HWG meeting.

Action:  HWG

                    200.2      Highways: Other Matters:

  • KCC Pavements/paths (not PROW): Nothing to report.
  • No Parish Fault Report was available.
  • The monthly report was received from Peter Beasley. The HWG has discussed this at their last meeting.  Unfortunately, there is no Village Speed watch team because of lack of volunteers.  It has now been reported that under the new Kent Policing module, Operation Scarecrow is not supported and will cease.  This is disappointing news and the HWG will take up communication with the Police Commissioner.
  1. PUBLIC FOOT PATHS/RIGHTS OF WAY (PROW): nothing to report.
  • King Charles III Coronation event will take place on Sunday 7th May on the EF Recreation Ground. It was reported that events planned included; WI tea tent, Falconry display, music and general stalls and will be similar in form to the annual summer fete.



  • Cllrs unanimously agreed that EFPC (under the “Powers to spend on entertainment” S145) will help with £200 and £150 towards the Falconry display.
  • It was noted that a qualified 1st Aider is yet to be appointed for the day.
  • Cllr AP will circulate a poster/leaflet for uploading to the EFPC Website and social media.

Action:  Clerk/Fete Committee

  1. COMMUNICATIONS: Nothing to report.
  • Trees Outside of Woodland – KMOTT; It was agreed that the Clerk should circulate the request and ask the public to respond direct.

Action:  Clerk

  1. ABSENCES: To note forthcoming absences of Councillors and Clerk.

                    Annual Parish Meeting – Tuesday 28th March 2023 at 7.30pm in the Old School Hall, Lower Road

                    EFPC Monthly Meeting – Tuesday 4th April 2023 at 7pm in the Old School Hall.  This will be the last meeting in the OSH and as from May, all EFPC meetings will be in East Farleigh Primary School Hall, Vicarage Lane.



The meeting closed at 9.25pm