EFPC Meeting Minutes November 2020

Minutes Uploaded on June 30, 2021


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd November at 7.15pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 952 3416 7864

Present:           Cllrs Glyn Charlton (GC)(Chair), Peter Beasley (PB), Perry O’Callaghan (POC),

                        Alan White (AW), Lloyd Porter (LP); David Hussein (DH)

In attendance: Desiree Home (Clerk)



            PCSO Paul Vasey; Cllr Paulina Stockell; Cllr Alex Fullwood; Cllr Brian Dorton

            All apologies were accepted



The Clerk was recording the meeting for the Parish Council.

Cllrs LP & AW were recording



Cllrs GC & PB – JBLC & EFRG

Cllr AW – JBLC

Cllr LP – FB & Traffic Calming & lobbying re: EF Vicarage Lane Play Area



Members AGREED that no items required this and is not relevant.


138       REVIEW OF PLANNING COMMITTEE (See EFPC Planning Committee Minutes October 2020)

  • 4 Applications received20/504456/FULL Foxcroft Wilsons Lane; 20/504562/FULL Land Rear Of 2 Mays Cottages Adj To Lower Road: 20/504492/FULL Cuckoo Farm Wilsons Lane: 20/504926/FULL Rockwell, New Cut
  • Notifications of any planning decisions made by MBC since the last meeting

Appeal Ref: APP/U2235/W/20/3248387 Alpine, The Priory – APPEAL DISMISSED

20/503793/SUB Land Adj. Hazeldene, Dean Street – APPROVED

20/504293/AGRIC Land West of Dean Street – PRIOR APPROVAL NOT REQUIRED

  • To receive notification of any enforcement issues since the last meetingNone
  • Other Planning



139       CALL FOR SITES

  • No response to EFPC letter sent to MBC Councillors, MBC Strategic Planning Officer. It was noted that the KALC Meeting Agenda has been received for the meeting on 9th November 2020.
  • Communication with Parishioners: Information to be made available on EFPC Website, FB & other social media

Action:             Clerk              

  • Review any other Call For Sites matters: None




140       MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL MEETING held on Tuesday 6th October 2020

            140.1    The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th October 2020 were APPROVED, with the            exception of:

  • Cllr LP who objected to Items 109.1 and 111 under SO No. 3(s) and requested his non agreement be minuted.
  • Item 116, page 4: CWP: Amend statement “It was AGREED that the CWP should go ahead and pursue the contract with NETWISE.” To “It was agreed that CWP would wait for the KALC response on their meeting with Cantium and then for the CWP to meet again before any action is taken”.

            140.2    Matters arising from the minutes NOT otherwise covered in the Agenda:

  • The Chairman confirmed that KALC Solicitors advice was sought by the Chairman & and it was AGREED that the clarification negated the need for an extra minuted item regarding Delegated Powers (page 3, Item 111).
  • Email problems ongoing

Action:             Cllr DH/Clerk



            141.1    To report on any events (ON-LINE seminars etc) attended on behalf of the Council,                 including the Clerk:  

                        Clerk attended on-line events: KALC Online Clerks Conference, KALC Webinar                      Effective Comms & Engagement in a Post-Lockdown World and KALC Online                          Finance Conference

                        Cllr POC attended the virtual Flood Warden Training event.

            141.2    To raise matters reported to them by parishioners:

  • The Bull Inn music nuisance – Residents should also report the matter to MBC Environmental Dept. Not yet actioned

Action:             Clerk to follow up and check if music license is required for live                                            music. 

            141.3    Any other IMPORTANT/URGENT matters Councillors wish to raise NOT                            otherwise covered in the Agenda:

  • Role of the RFO: It was AGREED that the work of the RFO will be assessed and Cllr POC will liaise with the Clerk. It was further AGREED that to help with the RFO role, a 2nd Licence needs to be purchased for the RBS app. (as per information circulated with Council papers – see Item 142.4) and further RBS training provided.  Consideration also needs to be given to Banking arrangements but all AGREED that this will stay with the Clerk.  There were no objections to the Budget being amended to include RFO duties, if necessary, especially for the new Council after May elections.

Action:             Clerk/Cllr POC


142       FINANCE

            142.1    To ratify payments made since the last meeting;

Standing Order Clerk’s Salary October 2020                                           £   600.00

Standing Order Car Park Attendant’s Salary October 2020                      £   136.00

Direct Debit Lloyds Multipay Credit card                                               £     92.39                includes:  Zoom Monthly Sub/KALC Finance Training/RBL Poppy Wreath/Monthly                        bank charge

                        Direct Debit BC&E People’s Pension                                                     £     74.33

Direct Debit ICO                                                                                   £     35.00



142.2    To resolve that cheques and BACS transfers presented this month be                                                authorised and signed;

03112001          Clerks Salary & Expenses October 2020                         £   359.78              03112002          L Owen October Time Sheet                                         £   303.40

03112003          Pearsons Maint contract                                                £ 1652.69

03112004          AcuIT Maintenance & Backup                                       £     69.90

03112005          Commercial Services Grounds Maint                             £   127.49

03112006          Complete Weed Control  Application 3 of 3                    £   302.10

03112007          Maidstone Signs Remedial works                                   £ 1998.00

03112008          Brachers Solicitors                                                        £ 1212.00

03112009          E-On    Qrtly 01/07/20 to 30/09/20                                 £     14.86

03112010          Cllr GC Expenses – Printer Ink                                      £    26.68

03112011          Viking-new paper shredder for Council office                 £    53.99

03112012          Viking – Hand sanitiser gel for LOwen                           £    33.42

03112013          Viking – PPE for LOwen                                               £    80.08


            142.3    To receive the financial statements for the period up to 27th September 2020; These                 represent the state of play at the end of Week 25, 2020-21


            142.4    Any other financial matters

  • To Note Remittance Advice PSS Grant Oct 2020 £ 1,437.50
  • Pearsons Quote – Hedge Cutting £350.00 plus VAT – see item 147.1 below
  • To receive notification of Insurance Excess payment £250.00
  • Updated figures for KCC Members Grants (Car park maintenance & COVID)
  • To Note VAT 6 monthly claim submitted
  • To Rialtas Fees & charges for information & Budget & possible 2nd user ID (see item 141.3 above)
  • Budget 1st Draft – Cllr POC explained the Draft Budget circulated with Agenda papers.

NOTE: Cllr POC left the meeting because of internet access problems.

  • All present AGREED that an inflation rise is required 2 per cent increase on the Precept, £8750 from last year’s budget needs to be reduced to £2000 and called “Legal & Professional services” and the rest into contingency.

Budget 2020-21 to be carried forward to next meeting.



  • Update if required; none. These will be checked at the weekend.

Action:             Cllr PB


144       TRAINING

  • Ongoing

Action:             ALL


145       FLOOD PLAN

  • Update; All AGREED that this is now the confirmed document and no longer DRAFT.



  • Update: The CWP reported that KALC have written to those signed up to Cantium but the KALC meeting has not yet happened so no further information from KALC yet.  The Clerk reported that Parish Councils cannot utilise the Cantium “ServiceNow” portal for support – although a “log” for help can be made by phone call.  There are problems with the Website.  It was AGREED that the CWP will make further enquiries regards a Website host – possibly HUGOFOX as well as NETWISE.  Defer decision pending further investigation and item to be carried forward to next meeting.

Action:             CWP



            147.1    Update on car park: Cllr PB reported all is OK.  It was reported that there are some             gaps in the hedge.  Chairman to provide bare rooted plants as there are some on order.

                        Pearsons Quote: It was AGREED to get EFPC contractor to carry out the work, as                 quoted, but to ask them to give good notice so that EFPC may inform the Landowner.

Action:             Cllr GC/Clerk

            147.2    Update on Rec Ground: It was reported that some trees have died and it was AGREED              that the Chairman should order replacements this November.

Action:             Cllr GC

                        EF Primary School Year 4 Balloon Demonstration:  It was AGREED to GRANT                                   permission for this event on 20th November 2020 – Users insurance/liability has been                 received.

            147.3    Update on Play Area Vicarage Lane: Following Government advice for Playgrounds                to remain open, it was AGREED that all signs should be reinstated and playground in               Vicarage Lane should remain open 24/7.

Action:             Cllr PB/Clerk to inform EFPS Headteacher


148       HIGHWAYS

  • Major Projects/Maintenance/Improvement Plan:

No response from Highways regarding request for further speed survey.  It was suggested and AGREED that EFPC should contact the Traffic Police and ask for support for enforcement for the full length of Lower Road.

Action:             Cllr PB/Clerk

  • Speedwatch: Nothing to report.  Speedwatch is suspended for the time being. SIDs being redeployed to new locations and batteries will be replaced in the next couple of days.
  • Lorry Watch Dean Street: Nothing to report

Action:             Cllr AF/Clerk

  • Highways Reports: “Highways” forms need revision – follow up at next meeting.

Action:             Cllr GC/Clerk


149       FOOTPATHS

  • Update: Nothing to report

Action:             Cllr AW


150       FETE

  • Update: None



  • The Chairman reported that there will be no Remembrance Service this year but the Chairman will lay the EFPC Poppy Wreath at the Memorial.

Action:                Cllr GC



  • Farmers Market Update: This has now resumed in the WI Hall, Forge Lane.
  • OSH: It was reported that a letter was delivered by hand following last meetings approval of sending aforesaid letter to explain the possible outcome of Enforcement involvement.

Action:          Cllr GC/Clerk



  • What3Words: It was reported that this is an extremely useful App (also used by the Emergency Services) and downloading this App is highly recommended.
  • Correspondence regards Speeding: It was AGREED that an email be sent informing the resident what further measures are being taken by EFPC (ie contacting the Traffic Police for speed checks) which are in addition to actions already taken.

Action:             Cllr GC/Clerk


154       ABSENCES

  • To note forthcoming absences of Councillors and Clerk.



  • Tuesday 1st December 2020 @ 7.15pm after the Planning Committee Meeting (Venue or on-line to be advised)


Meeting closed at 9.25pm